Document Shredding

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Would you just give your personal information to someone you have never met?  No?  Then why would you throw away your personal information where anyone could find it?  Identity theft is absolutely catastrophic to your financial security; it is also at an all time high.  You want to protect yourself whether you are looking to dispose of your business documents or your personal records.  There are so many different ways to destroy your paperwork these days that it can be difficult to decide which way is the best for you, but ultimately the safest, cheapest way, is to shred everything.  Using a home shredder can be wonderful if you have a handful of paperwork, but what if you have boxes of documents that have added up over the years?

Here in Atlanta, we offer document shredding services that can help with all different kinds of shredding needs.  If you are  looking for a place to take small amounts of paperwork, we can help you find a location near you.  Or if you have more of a bulk need, shred trucks can actually come to your location to help get everything shredded.  Not only do they come to your home or business to help you with your shredding needs, but shredding trucks can shred onsite so that you can actually see everything getting destroyed.  Once they are done shredding all of your paperwork, a certificate of destruction is created for your records, and then they proceed to recycle all of the scraps.  Let us help with your shredding project by calling us today!